POST api/{version}/ApiInfo/UpdateApiTeamsInformation

We hold certain information about your team so we can easily pass in the correct information when you call a method not containing everything needed to process the provider call. Along side this we store all the other teams in your competitions information so you can query those teams also. This then allows us to know what competitions they are in and make sure the API calls do not call competitions and seasons they are not present in which would result in a longer wait for the data or a possible failed API request. If you post to this API call it will update this data so for example next season if you stayed in the same league and obviously teams go up and down we can use this API call to get all the team data back in sync. This only really effects customers who want to use the API to query other teams then there own team and gives the API a lot more flexiblity. This call is not one needed to be used constantly but very useful to have.

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